»More than just history«

Ambras Castle Foyer


The premises of the former Farmers’ Armoury, with their thick walls and impressive cross-vaults, belong to the oldest structural elements of Ambras Castle.

Originally conceived for the storage of equipment and gear, since spring 2021 the Ambras Foyer offers a new, up-to-date, modern, and user-friendly space for Infotainment. 

This room tells in an unconventional manner the unique love story of the castle’s residents, Archduke Ferdinand II and Philippine Welser, and the development of the Ambras collections.

The widely ramified family history of Ferdinand, as well as the history of the acquisition of the precious objects in the collection, are told here in a didactic fashion.

Multimedia stations provide insights into the fabulous royal court of the Renaissance period.

The Ambras Foyer offers – ‘more than just history’ – fundamental information about the entertaining and exciting tour of Ambras Castle.