Ambras Castle – the first museum in the world.

Ambras Castle ranks among the most important sights in Austria and is the only site within the KHM Museum Association that is located outside Vienna. As the first museum in the world, it has a formative influence on the cultural heritage of Europe. It is a vibrant museum venue for the population of Innsbruck and Tyrol, and a top tourist destination for international guests.

The ‘lady of the castle’

In her position as director, the art historian Veronika Sandbichler has been in charge of the collections and the site Ambras Castle since 2010.  

‘My team and I strive to provide access to our cultural treasures in the best possible way, and to relate them to relevant issues of society. Ambras Castle is more than history!’

KHM Museum Association

Ambras Castle is part of the KHM Museum Association under Director General Sabine Haag and General Manager Paul Frey.

How is the Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien funded and where does my money go?

The Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien and six further sites from Vienna to Innsbruck together form the KHM Museum Association. It is an independent enterprise that conserves, studies, presents, and educates on works of art and culture of the Republic of Austria. A total of 175 historians of art and culture work and conduct research in these museums, develop exceptional exhibitions, and make sure that the Austrian cultural heritage entrusted to them is preserved for future generations. The necessary financial means for this operation come in part from Austria’s taxpayers in the form of a compensation for this important contribution to Austria’s cultural heritage. Any proceeds beyond this compensation need to be generated by the KHM Museum Association; this amounted to 52 per cent of total proceeds in 2019. These proceeds are based on donations, sponsoring, shop sales, or venue rents. The largest share, however, are admission tickets.     

The proceeds generated by the KHM Museum Association ensure fantastic exhibitions, exciting research projects, and continuous maintenance work for a carefree visitor experience. Nevertheless, the KHM lost a major part of its proceeds due to the COVID-19 crisis and its consequences for the activities of the KHM museums in the months to come. In order to continue the operation of our museums in the same quality, variety, and excellence, we need your help.  

Please help us to fulfil our central tasks and obligations – communicate, exhibit, research, collect, conserve, and document – also in the future in the best possible way.  

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Annual Report

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Find further downloads on the website of the Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien


Information, Questions and Suggestions

Schloss Ambras Innsbruck
Schlossstraße 20
6020 Innsbruck
+43 1 525 24 – 4802
(Monday to Sunday)
(Monday to Friday)

Guided Tours & Programme Reservations

+43 1 525 24 - 4804
Monday to Friday: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m

Marketing, Tourism & Sales

Mag. Thomas Nocker
Head of Marketing, Tourism & Sales
Schloss Ambras Innsbruck
+43 1 525 24 - 4808

Julia Unterlechner, M.A.
Public Relations & Communications
Schloss Ambras Innsbruck
+43 1 525 24 - 4809

Collections & Science

Dr. Veronika Sandbichler
Schloss Ambras Innsbruck
+43 1 525 24 - 4802

Dr. Katharina Seidl
Curator and Head of Art Education
Schloss Ambras Innsbruck
+43 1 525 24 - 4804

Dr. Thomas Kuster
Schloss Ambras Innsbruck
+43 1 525 24 - 4805

Development, Fundraising & Sponsorship

Dr. Claudia Sojer
Referentin der Direktion
Development, Fundraising & Sponsorship
Schloss Ambras Innsbruck
+43 664 605 14 - 4810



Development, Fundraising & Sponsoring

Dr. Claudia Sojer
Assistant to the Director
Development, Fundraising & Sponsorship
Schloss Ambras Innsbruck
+43 664 605 14 - 4810



A list of all members of the curatorial staff in the museums and collections of the KHM Museum Association may be found under ‘Research’ on the website of the Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien.    


Jobs at the museum

The museums in the KHM Museum Association – the Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien, the Weltmuseum Wien, and the Theatermuseum Wien – are among the most renowned museums in Europe. The growing influx of visitors from local and tourism markets, the high ratio of independently generated proceeds, and the satisfaction of all visitor groups are based on the tireless commitment and excellent performance of the employees at the KHM Museum Association.  

More information on the KHM Museum Association as an employer.


Please send applications including CV to: jobs(at)

Rights & Reproduction

The Reproduction Department is in charge of all image orders as well as reproduction and recording permits. We offer digital and analogue photo material from all collections in the KHM Museum Association. All photo, television, video, and film recordings on museum premises need to be authorized, organized, and managed by us.     

All pictures and text as well as photographic and audio material are protected by copyright and may not be reproduced, copied, altered or otherwise used in any way without the express permission of the KHM Museum Association.  

The image fee is based on the medium, type, amount, and duration of use, and must be determined in advance.

Reproduction request


Burgring 5, 1010 Wien
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Our Press section provides you with free and downloadable press releases and press photos for any current reports on special exhibitions and projects at Ambras Castle. 

The provided image data must not be manipulated, cut, or used for any other purpose. When press photos are published, they must be accompanied by complete information relating to the image, including a statement of copyright. 

Press contact

Julia Unterlechner, M.A.
Public Relations & Communications
+43 1 52524 4809

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