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Have you already found your favourite object? Accept the patronage of an object and help us to conserve, restore, and study our cultural heritage for the future. You will play a major role in the preservation of our collection and assume cultural responsibility for one of our objects in a very special and personal way. 

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In return for your commitment as an Art Patron, we offer exceptional insights into our collections and exclusive access to our curatorial museum work. Art Patrons forever! And becoming a patron does not have a time limit – your name will forever be connected with your ‘sponsored object’ in the electronic museum inventory.

What a great treat for your loved ones: share your values with your children and grandchildren in the form of an Art Patronage or give them away as presents for birthdays, anniversaries, and weddings. We are happy about your commitment!   

It’s worth it ...

You will receive your personal certificate of art patronage, a detailed description of the object, and an entry as art patron in the electronic museum inventory.

For a donation in excess of € 100,
you will be invited to the annual art patron reception at the Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien

For a donation in excess of € 1,000,
we will invite you and your guests to a guided tour of our collections with our experts.

For a donation in excess of € 20,000,
and in addition to the benefits mentioned above, you can choose to have your name displayed in the gallery alongside your selected object or on a roll of honour in the respective collection.

Donations to Ambras Castle made as part of our
‘Become an art patron’ programme are tax-deductible as incidental expenditure.

Find your favourite object


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Help us to preserve
cultural heritage for the future!


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