»Rest and recreation in the countryside«

The Castle Grounds


During the lifetime of Archduke Ferdinand II, Ambras Castle possessed a large, wooded area. The 

The terrain, sloping steeply to the east and today reminiscent of the original state with its cliffs, ravines, bridges, and an artificially laid out waterfall, served as a game park. In addition the castle possessed a richly appointed park, completed in 1574, with fishponds, aviaries, and its own garden houses in the pleasure garden. 

The spacious Bacchus Grotto, carved into the cliffs, dates back to the castle’s time of origin; here, guests of the archduke were once welcomed with the famous Ambras drinking games. Also original is a stair tower in the Keuchengarten, whose former layout has been partially reconstructed.

The ‘revolving table’ operated by water power, and the hall for ball games to the south of the Spanish Hall are no longer preserved. Under Archduke Karl Ludwig, who used Ambras Castle as a summer residence, after 1855 the western part of the park was converted into a landscape garden and the Keuchengarten received a swimming pool.