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Ambras Castle is one of the most beautiful sights in Austria and the oldest museum in the world, exerting a formative influence on the cultural heritage of Europe. The museum has been housing its extraordinary collections – the Armoury as well as the Chamber of Art and Wonders – in the original Renaissance buildings for 450 years. In order to realize our many different tasks in line with the conservation, communication, and presentation of artwork at Ambras, we need your financial support.    

Lift me up!

111 years after the Emperorís approval, we are finally realizing the project of the heir to the throne Franz Ferdinand. Become part of the lift building project for the Upper Castle of Ambras and support the inclusive access to art and culture for all people, regardless of their mobility impairments.

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Friends of Ambras Castle

The Friends of Ambras Castle offers a platform for everyone who shows a special interest in art and would like to express their special connection to this exceptional place and museum.   

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Become an art patron

Have you already found your favourite object? Accept the patronage of an object and help us to conserve, restore, and study our cultural heritage for the future. 

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With your donation you help us to preserve cultural heritage for the future!

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With your donation, you help us to preserve cultural heritage for the future

Dr. Veronika Sandbichler
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