Lift me up! 

Help us to become
more accessible.

We are a museum for everyone. 

111 years after the Emperorís approval, we are finally realizing the project of the heir to the throne Franz Ferdinand.  

Become part of the lift building project for the Upper Castle of Ambras and support the inclusive access to art and culture for all people, regardless of their mobility impairments.

We are still missing 17.33 per cent of the total costs for our new lift. Support this project and help us reach our goal!


Why should
you donate?

Very simple:
the elevator is already there!

The liftshaft for the elevator at Ambras Castle is already there and is just waiting to finally be used.



The latest technology for Franz Ferdinand: 
an electric elevator! 


The Emperor approves it!


The assassination of Franz Ferdinand – 
project stopped



Easier access
for everybody

Your donation makes it possible for people with various physical disabilities – grandparents with walkers, friends in wheelchairs or colleagues with casts – to visit our exhibitions without any worries.

Enjoy culture 365 days a year as often as you like

The first 100 donors with a contribution of €200 or more will receive an Annual Ticket for 365 days of cultural enjoyment in 7 museums of the KHM Museum Association.

Digital Thank You Board

In addition, your name and the name of the person for whom you donate will be mentioned on our digital Thank You Board upon request.*

*To send us your dedication, write your name, the name of the person you are donating for, and your personal dedication text (max. 100 characters) in the message field of the donation form.


»To me, as a wheelchair user who loves culture, the Upper Castle of Ambras is currently not accessible. [...] I want to see it!«

Anja Krystyn, physician and author, columnist for the magazine "neue horizonte"
© Harald Lachner


»This project is a matter close to my heart. As the director of Schloss Ambras Innsbruck, I feel it is my personal responsibility to make our museum accessible to everyone!«

Veronika Sandbichler, Director of Ambras Castle
© KHM Museum Association


»Dialogue with art and history is a prerequisite for understanding the present more consciously. But often it is only the absence of an elevator, that impedes this.«

Mirko Locatelli, Italian Film Director
© Mirko Locatelli


»I am very much looking forward to being able to explore the Upper Castle of Ambras without barriers.«

Tina Hötzendorfer, Rollin'Art Gallery & Shop
St. Johann in Tyrol

© Maria Kirchner

Donate now
for more inclusion

Support the construction of a new elevator at Ambras Castle: With your help, you can make a lighthearted visit to the exhibition in the Upper Castle possible for everybody.

Every contribution matters: No donation is too small. Have in mind a person for whom you would like to make a gift and get in touch with us. With your dedication, the elevator and the supported person will travel a little closer to their common goal.

We welcome questions and suggestions on our lift building project:

Dr. Claudia Sojer

Assistant to the Director
Development, Fundraising & Sponsorship
M +43 664 605 14 4810