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Ambras Castle Shop


An extensive range of items related to the world of chivalry, to the cabinet of art and wonder, about the Habsburgs and about the castle itself can be found in the shop in Ambras Castle.

Daily open from 10 am to 5 pm (November closed)

In the Shop of Ambras Castle you will find:

  • Books and guide books on the armoury, the chamber of art and curiosities and the Habsburg Portrait Gallery, books about knights, the history of the Habsburg dynasty and guide books on Innsbruck and Tirol
  • Catalogues of Special Exhibitions
  • Children’s books, toy weapons, knights in armour toys
  • CDs
  • Copies of helmets and weapons
  • Textiles
  • Jewellery after historic models
  • Postcards, doublecards and posters
  • All kinds of stationary
  • Magnets, sweets and chocolates, mugs as well as many other gifts and souvenirs



Department SALES-Shops
Burgring 5, 1010 Vienna, Austria
Tel. +43 1 525 24 - 2600 (Mon to Fri)

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