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The audio-guide will accompany you through all the collections housed in the palace. It will first take you through the art and curiosity chamber and the armoury displayed in the lower palace, before accompanying you to the famous Spanish Hall and the portrait gallery located in the upper palace.

We hope you will enjoy your visit!

Ferdinand II. und Schloss Ambras
Die Heldenrüstkammer
Die Kunst- und Wunderkammer
Die Habsburger Porträtgalerie

The audio guided provides explanations for nearly 150 objects from all the collections of the castle:

  • The Buildings
  • The Armouries
  • The Chamber of Art and Wonders
  • The Habsburg Portrait Gallery
  • Special exhibition (only in German and English)


English, Italian, French, German

You get your audio guide at the cashier’s desk.
Per Person: € 3,-
Take 2: € 5,-
Family (2 ad. + 3 child.): € 6.-
Group (10 pers. or more): € 2.-
Annual ticket holders: free


Mag. Alexander Smith
Museum und Publikum
Kunsthistorisches Museum
mit MVK und ÖTM
Burgring 5, 1010 Wien
Tel. +43 1 525 24- 5252
Fax +43 1 525 24- 5299

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